Occupational Health & Therapy Services

RTC offers occupational health and therapy services direct to employers to support them in managing a range of occupational health issues such as sickness absence, injury management and phased return to work as well as prevention strategies for reducing risk and improving the health and well being of employees.  RTC’s service is unique and differs from traditional occupational health input in that it is provided by qualified occupational therapists and is focused on an individual’s physical and psychological function and capacity for work.

We know from experience that organisations and companies differ in their size, structure and operation and that all employers and their employees therefore have different needs when it comes to their health and well being at work.  For this reason RTC offers bespoke services to employers to assist and support them in the management of their occupational health issues and will tailor services to meet their unique needs.

Examples of some of the occupational health & therapy services RTC provides:

  • Telephone based ‘first response’ or triage assessments

Initial contact is made with the employee following illness, injury or absence from work and an assessment is completed to establish their medical status and obtain an overview of their functional capacity for work. Recommendations are work focused and would detail interventions such as a short course of physiotherapy or counselling to aid their successful return to or remaining in work. These assessments are accompanied by a brief report which goes to all parties to reinforce transparency and enhance collaborative working and a positive return to work. 

  • Worksite assessments & ergonomic assessments

Conducted on site and together with both employee and their relevant manager or colleague. Worksite assessments involve detailed observation & assessment of the physical and psychological demands of individual job role and the employees workstation or work environment. From this process recommendations are made by the OT aimed to assist the employee safely back to work or to sustain their work role.  

  • Development and monitoring of return to work programmes

When a gradual return to work is recommended following a period of absence, illness or injury,  a phased or graded return to work plan can be implemented.  This provides recommended structure for the individuals return to the workplace detailing recommend hours, duties and any restrictions.   The key to a successful phased return to work is that a fixed time period is agreed between all parties, that the employee gradually increase their hours and duties over this agreed period of time in line with medical guidance and that the program is regularly reviewed and monitored to ensure a sustainable return to work.

  • Functional Capacity Evaluations

A Functional Capacity Evaluation or FCE is an objective and tailored assessment of an individual’s functional capabilities in terms of their mobility, fitness and stamina, effort, manual handling, symptoms and pain. An FCE involves observation, clinical reasoning and professional judgement to establish an objective evaluation in relation to an individual’s capacity for work or against specific job requirements.  It incorporates standardised and non standardised assessment tools.  These assessments can assist employers and employees in safely establishing any limitations or long term restrictions to ensure safe working practices.

  • Vocational Case management services

Vocational rehabilitation and case management is simply the management and coordination of an individual’s return to work. The OT acts as a key contact and liaison person for all involved monitoring phased return to work plans, treatment progress and liaising with key health and medical practitioners alongside the individual and their employer.  

  • Vocational redirection

Despite everyone’s best efforts, sometimes it is not possible, for a variety of reasons for an individual employee to safely return to their contracted job role.  In these circumstances vocational redirection can be implemented. This involves the OT working closely with the employee to assist them to identifying a suitable alternative job either with their current employer or a new employer. The OT will work with the individual to identify their physical and psychological capacity for work along with any limitations. The service is individual but can include functional assessment, transferrable skills analysis, CV development, job seeking support and interview preparation.

"Vanliners used RTC to complete Occupational Health Assessment on two of our employees. This included an initial assessment, feedback about the individuals needs and continued support. Kay was superb in making sure that we, as an employer, were kept in the loop through the whole process and individuals involved were made to feel at ease throughout and confident in Kay's ability as an OT. With Kay's help and guidance, we have been able to provide the support needed for our employees to have a happy and health work environment. The advice she has given has also helped the individuals on a personal level, improving their health through better lifestyle choices. Kay provides a first-class service from start to finish, we could not recommend RTC highly enough."

Charlotte Vanliners